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About Us - A Message from Kevin P. Norton    

Health and Educational Services and CAB Health and Recovery Services are being merged to form one, non-profit behavioral health agency. 


As president and CEO of the newly merged organization, I’m proud to lead this new agency, beginning with the merger strategic plan and process.


Bringing two vibrant, respected nonprofits together requires a visionary, detailed and thoughtful plan.  In the coming weeks and months, look for our ongoing updates, letters, newsletters and merger websites as we communicate our goals and strategic plan to our various constituent groups, including our valued employees, patients, board of directors, funders, donors, program partners and the wider North Shore and Merrimack Valley communities. 


Between our two organizations, we have over 91 years’ of shared experience in which each agency has built a solid continuum of care.  As a single, multi-service behavioral health agency, we will help each client to access the type or level of care he or she needs—when it’s needed. 


Merging two nonprofit organizations is an opportunity to accomplish great things while providing exemplary, integrated healthcare. 


I look forward to working with our staff and supporters to make this a reality.   




HES Vital Statistics
  • Number of Programs: 60
  • Number of sites: 25
  • Communities Served: over 40
  • Total Staff: 1,200

HES Annual Statistics
  • Care for over 25,000 clients
  • Attend to 2,200+ children aged 12 and under
  • Assist 2,600+ clients aged 65 and older
  • Average 12,000 new clients per year
  • 50% of clients earn less that $10,000
  • 196,000 outpatient visits
  • 2,400 calls to the Rape Crisis Center hotline

131 Rantoul Street    Beverly, MA 01915    978-921-1293
Member of Northeast Health System