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Diversity Action Team




    To support, promote, and achieve cultural competency across all sites and services provided by Health & Education Services, Inc.



    Cultural Competency is defined by the Diversity Action Team as:


    The demonstration of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to communicate and collaborate with persons of all differences. It is a process of assessment, education, and experience, resulting in a respectful response that is meaningful to persons served.


    Stakeholders include, but are not limited to:


    Employees, clients, family members of clients, funding sources, licensing/accrediting bodies, community members, referral sources, and other community providers.




    1. The Diversity Action Team will assess current cultural competency of the sites and services of Health & Education Services, Inc.

      • Funding will be sought through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts; Pathways to Culturally Competent Care grant to assist in a systematic assessment of physical plants, employees, and relevant stakeholders.

      • Research will be completed regarding diversity in the behavioral health delivery system. Answers to the questions; "what has already been done here?" and "what has been done elsewhere?" will be answered.

      • A checklist will be developed outlining salient features of a diversity-friendly environment for staff and consumers.

      • The checklist will be used for site-based assessment, action planning, and training tailored to the various sites and programs of Health & Education Services, Inc.

      • The Cultural Competency Survey will be reviewed and revised and disseminated to employees for feedback.

      • Consumers and other relevant stakeholders will be assessed via survey and/or focus groups and feedback will be folded into action steps identified to improve cultural competency at Health & Education Services, Inc.


    2. The Diversity Action Team will promote acceptance through education.

      • Explore available resources such as posters and other educational materials, which may be ordered for the various programs and sites and inform staff of how to access these materials.

      • Submit diversity-related information to HES newsletter and make it a monthly presence.

      • Post minutes on the web page.

      • Create a calendar that would include all holidays/celebrations. Get employee feedback on what should be included by soliciting input on either a blank calendar or by building on one that already exists.


    3. The Diversity Action Team will provide consultation for Health & Education Services, Inc. programs and staff on diversity related issues, questions, and concerns.

      • Provide information to HES employees as to what the Diversity Action Team's purpose is and how the team can assist in the review/revision of existing trainings, policies/procedures, educational materials, collaboration, etc. to promote cultural competency and diversity awareness.



    Sponsor: Senior Leadership TeamLeader: Eileen Hines, V.P: Employee RelationsFacilitator: Stephanie Sladen, A.V.P: Outpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse ServicesAlternate Facilitator: Helen Stojanov-Acford: A.V.P: Quality ManagementTimekeeper: TBD Secretary: Carolyn Fallon, Employee Relations Coordinator



    1. Start and end on time

    2. Maintain date, time, and location of meetings (Second Wednesday of every other month with subcommittees meeting on off months, time from 11:30 - 1:00, location at CFD)

    3. Keep goals attainable and follow through on them

    4. Open group - RSVP for meetings to dat@hes-inc.org

    5. Standing members should contact dat@hes-inc.org if unable to attend

    6. Assigned tasks - only volunteer if you can do it - be mindful of your schedule

    7. Minutes will be e-mailed to all following meetings

    8. Maintain awareness of confidentiality

    9. Lunch will be provided during meetings.

    10. Timeframe: team is ongoing and will review/revise goals and objectives annually in January.



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