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Hill House Community Based Acute Treatment/Transitional Care Unit



Program Description:

Program is highly structured, self-contained, spycho-educational treatment program for emotionally disturbed teenage males and females from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Hill House CBAT/TCU blends psychiatric, clinical, milieu and educational tutoring services to youth referred by MBHP funded hospitals, Emergency Service Teams and other contracting insurance companies. The CBAT treatment philosophy is built on a short-term, crisis stabilization and strengths-based service model where youth recieve psychiatric , educational and clinical care in a relationship intensive milieu aimed at stabalizing emotional and behaivoral crises and reuniting youth with their families or into other permanency placements in a timely fashion. The TCU model provides short-term transitional shelter home care to youth stepping down from impatient settings while waiting awaiting permanency placement. The program provides sufficient structure and support and commensurate with client supervision needs to promote emotional and physical safety in an unlocked setting. MBHP and DCF may determined that a youth in a program CBAT bed is eligible to move into a TCU bed. Both types of beds are short-term; shelter beds as defined by DEEC licensing regulations. Both bed types serve more or less the same types of referrals with the difference being that TCU youth have completed a course of inpatient treatment whereas CBAT youth may not since CBAT beds may be used by design as inpatient alternatives.


6 Echo Avenue

Beverly, MA 01915


Phone: 978-524-0175


Fax: 978-922-8182




Program Director:

Jennifer Machado, LICSW


 Key Personnel:

Sean Riley, House Manager

Dr. David Schopick, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist

Pam Corrigan, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

John Pratico, Mental Health Counselor

Maria Kostyk, Licensed Mental Health counselor.

Specialty Services:

Psychiatric and crisis stabilization


Public or Referral: 


For CBAT, call the program to determine bed availability and fax referral information for the program to quickly evaluate placement appropriateness taking into account the needs of the indivudal and the current youth in care. For TCU, referrals are made from Department of Children and Families and processed through MBHP of Beacon Health.



Success Story- Keisha
“Keisha” was only four years old when domestic violence forced her, her mother and two younger siblings into a shelter with 10 other families.
By the time Keisha started with the Head Start program, her situation had manifested itself in behavioral issues and developmental delays. Head Start staffers enlisted the aid of a mental health consultant to ob- serve Keisha in the classroom and assist them in developing a behavior modification plan. A Special Education Coordinator helped to fill out public school paperwork and helped Keisha’s mother obtain mental health services for the family. With such encouragement, Keisha began to respond. She had fewer tantrums, joined in activities, sat at the table with the other children to eat and, finally, to potty train. Physicals and immunizations were organized for Keisha and her siblings.

Nine months after arriving at the shelter, Keisha’s mother found her family an apartment. When the staff and volunteers of HES realized the family needed additional furnishings, they scoured their own attics and basements for the necessary items to help make the apartment a home. With the help of Head Start and HES, Keisha and her family can start down the road to a healthy future.
131 Rantoul Street    Beverly, MA 01915    978-921-1293
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