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  Cornerstones Day School
766 appoved year round




Phone: 978-373-3086
Fax: 978-469-1849

35 Mitchell Road
Ipswich, MA 01938
Phone: 978-356-9321
Fax: 978-356-9724
email: cornerstonesipswich@hes-inc.org


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Haverhill, Ipswich


The Cornerstones School Program offers a 216 day school year of special element educational services spread out over 12 months.  Students have complex learning, psychiatric, and behavioral challenges. The school is coeducational serving students between the age of five and thirteen. Many are survivors of abuse and suffer from various types of behavior and attachment problems with parents, caregivers and peers. Most children have not been successful in traditional special education settings because of their behaviors symptoms or learning problems and need a staff intensive and highly structured psychoeducational treatment experience with access to routine emergency mental health and psychiatric services.


Cornerstones School Academic Services


Cornerstones School delivers special education services in a rehabilitative context where both learning and healing take place. The goal at all Cornerstones Schools is to return children to either mainstream or the most normalizing alternative school environment possible.


Cornerstones Day School provides action oriented learning and thoughtful instruction. Carefully developed Individual Education Plans provide guidance for learning objectives and serve as tools to measure student academic success. Academics are taught one-on-one and in small groups. Master's level special education certified teachers lead each classroom with an assistant teacher creating a 3:1 student to staff ratio with no more than six students in each classroom. This intensive level of supervision assures that safety and structure prevail and students receive plenty of individual attention. In accordance with the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, the state designed Curriculum Frameworks are followed in the school. Cornerstones School exposes students to the same curricula used in the state's public school settings.

The learning environment is hands on and self directed with much 1:1 support. Montessori concepts and materials are woven into the classroom allowing students to have greater access to material. This hands on approach allows teachers to work with a child's learning disability in creative ways to make learning fun and enjoyable. In a Cornerstones classroom you might find building birdhouses while studying wild life and animals. Kids might grow a garden outside while studying plants. We never think in terms of the child getting an answer wrong. The question is what do we need to do to teach the skill so the child can learn. If a child gets the wrong answer, it is because we did not teach the concept in a way he/she could learn it.


Day School Service Highlights

  • 3:1 student teacher ratio with a maximum class size of six students

  • Speech evaluation and therapy offered by an onsite licensed speech therapist
  • Individual and group occupational therapy provided onsite by a licensed OT and / or COTA
  • Licensed clinicians on site
  • Three sites on the Massachusetts North Shore including Beverly, Ipswich and Haverhill.
  • Certified special education teachers Family outreach workers
  • School nursing
  • Art therapy provided in groups by licensed therapists
  • Music and expressive arts


Family and Caregiver Involvement


Parents and/or caregivers must be involved in assessing the appropriateness of our school for the student. They are the experts on the child whose input for services and desired outcomes is essential to our success. Parents and involved caregivers are expected to participate in a thorough intake process so that we can ensure the fit of our services to referred students. Once admitted, the school provides many opportunities for parents and caregivers to be involved with the school and stay in touch including:


  • Volunteering in classrooms

  • Parent lecture series
  • Spring Fling
  • Holiday luncheons
  • Quarterly IEP review meetings
  • Talent shows
  • Advisory Board
  • Frequent contact with teacher
  • Parent support groups
  • Attending field trips
  • Student conferences
  • Graduations
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Contact as needed with nurse



Call Maria Wolters 978-356-9321

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35 Mitchell Road
Ipswich, MA 01938
Phone: 978-356-9321
Fax: 978-356-9724
email: cornerstonesipswich@hes-inc.org

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