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    The Hillcrest Program currently serves 17 consumers (eight in a group home setting and nine in scattered apartments) with a serious and persistent mental illness and substance abuse/dependence (dual- diagnosis). Consumers enter the program with the need for the highest level of support, supervision and treatment. As their needs become less they are identified to move to the less structured setting of an apartment in the community receiving supportive services from the core site. Eventually some consumers move on to living independently outside of the residential setting and into other Comprehensive Support Services.


    The Hillcrest Program uses the psychosocial rehabilitation model. Consumers are allowed to approach/avoid, try/fail as part of the dual recovery process. The program is dedicated to providing individualized consumer driven treatment in a safe and nurturing environment in the least restrictive setting. The model emphasizes the individual’s potential for growth by focusing on the whole person rather than simply on the illness and disability.


    Since its inception in 1990, Hillcrest has helped consumers attain the skills and knowledge to live independently and semi-independently, obtain and maintain employment, stabilize on medication and to become self-medicating, decrease psychiatric hospitalization, maintain sobriety, live free from self injurious and dangerous behaviors, secure and maintain an affordable apartment in the community, obtain employment, receive college degrees, and obtain and utilize preventative health care, etc.


    The program has an experienced staff that is dedicated to the program and its current mission and the clients they serve. All staff is provided with an array of trainings specifically geared toward the population it serves, i.e. dual diagnosis, MAP, CPR & First Aid, Entitlement and Benefits, DBT, Leiberman, Crisis Management, and Human Rights, etc. The program employs a part-time nurse who is an LPN, adding to the expertise of the program.


    Hillcrest Program’s mission statement reads, “Hillcrest is dedicated to stabilizing the living situations of dual diagnosed individuals in a drug- and alcohol-free setting. The program provides a safe and nurturing environment that encourages self-expression, builds self-esteem, promotes respect and dignity, and fosters sobriety and mental/physical health.


    The Hillcrest Satellite Program offer clients who have displayed psychiatric stability and sobriety the opportunity to enhance their level of independence by living in their own apartments. Supportive services provide a continuum if care, which emphasizes empowerment and safe, comfortable community integration.

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