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800 Cummings Center, Suite 266T
Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: 978-921-1190
Fax: 978-927-3724
Email: jfine@hes-inc.org

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General Outpatient Clinic


This program provides services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. A wide range of presenting problems are addressed including behavioral problems in children, family communication difficulties, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic mental illness, work related difficulties, and adjustment disorders.



Eating Disorders Program


This program provides specialized evaluation, treatment, and referral services to adolescents and adults who present with eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. This program utilizes a structured team approach involving services provided by primary care physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists, family members, and therapists. Consultation within Northeast Health System and HES, collaboration with outside providers, and training in community settings occurs regarding diagnosis, treatment, and risk factors of eating disorders. Group treatment is also periodically offered.





Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful method of doing psychotherapy and a therapeutic tool used in conjunction with psychotherapy.  To date, EMDR has helped an estimated half - million people of all ages relieve many types of psychological distress. HES has been utilizing EMDR since 1994.  EMDR is used by licensed therapists at HES who have completed either EMDR Level I or EMDR Level II training. Several therapists are currently completing the rigorous requirements for EMDRIA Clinician Certification and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. An area of expertise of site clinicians is EMDR treatment for children, which has proven to be highly and quickly effective for many problems.



Preschool and School Consultation Program (PSCP)


This program is guided by the belief that early assessment and intervention can minimize or prevent the development of secondary emotional, social, and/or academic problems. The program utilizes multidisciplinary staff specialized in working with children in preschool and elementary school, as well as with adolescents.  PSCP participates in over sixty mental health - education partnerships with preschools and schools throughout the North Shore area, extending from Chelsea and Revere to Salisbury and Gloucester. PSCP has utilized and benefited from mental health - education partnerships for more than twenty years.  Together, mental health professionals and school personnel can provide more comprehensive services and accomplish more than either could accomplish on their own. The program is designed to maximize therapeutic effectiveness by providing services within the child's school/ day care setting; working with the child's family and coordinating with the community school/ day care staff.



Psychological Testing Program


HES' psychological testing program is administered from the CFD/ Beverly site. This program operates on a team model and includes licensed psychologists and licensed neuropsychologists. Evaluators serve six sites throughout the North Shore area to provide psychological assessment to clients referred by primary care physicians, the Geripsychological Assessment Center at the Hunt Center, schools, DSS, DMH, and other professionals and agencies.



Family Outreach Program (FOP)


This program strives to interrupt and curtail cycles of abuse and neglect and promote greater safety and well being in the lives of families and children. Services are provided to multi-problem families who do not have transportation to clinic services. The program provides diagnostic assessment and individual, family, and couples' treatment and operates from a team model. Common issues addressed include family challenges, such as parenting training, school adjustment, foster placement and adoption, loss, and adolescent issues. Safety issues involving domestic violence, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse in the family, suicidality, and trauma are also frequently addressed by family outreach clients.



Disabilities Program


This program provides the full spectrum of mental health services to individuals with disabilities and "special needs" including chronic illnesses, organic syndromes (such as Asperger's syndrome/autism), developmental disabilities (including mental retardation), learning disorders, physical handicaps and behavioral difficulties. Clinicians with specialized training in developmental processes provide counseling, relationship building, consultation, and training to children/ teens and adults and their families. Issues commonly addressed include loss, adjustment to and acceptance of disabilities, management of crisis and family change, psychosexual education, behavior and anger management, aging, and advocacy for disabled individuals.



Substance Abuse Program


This program provides a variety of outpatient services to clients with addictive disorders, including group and individual treatment. The site offers a second offender group for individuals convicted of a second driving - under  - the - influence offense, with group, individual, and 12-step coordination. The program has therapists with extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of families dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Outreach treatment and group treatment for women to aid in developing coping skills is also available.


Sexual information and Trauma Team (SITT)


This program provides comprehensive services to traumatized children, adults, and their families. Individuals affected by sexual assault, trauma, physical abuse, witnessing of chronic/severe domestic violence, and those suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder receive treatment from clinicians on this team with specialized training in this area. The team provides thorough assessment of possible sexual abuse of school-aged children and adolescents, as well as child sexual offender evaluations. Evaluation services are primarily offered through referrals by the Department of Social Services. The program also provides consultation and training to other mental health professionals and community education in the area of sexual abuse and trauma. Many of the clients referred are court involved due to criminal prosecutions of sexual abuse or DSS taking custody due to abuse and neglect.


Elder Psychiatric Program


This program provides consultation, assessment, medication management, and direct services to elders in long-term care facilities. This program also provides training to staff of those facilities.


Psychopharmacology Services





The Center for Family Development (CFD) became a satellite of North Shore Children's Hospital's mental health center in 1986.  In 1988, CFD merged with Beverly Hospital and became an affiliate of Northeast Health Systems. When Health & Education Services (HES) merged into Northeast Health System, CFD became an outpatient site of HES.


 The CFD site has traditionally been staffed with a multidisciplinary team including: licensed psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, licensed independent clinical social workers, and licensed mental health counselors. The CFD site has had a "team" culture from the very beginning, as the original agency was organized around specialty teams. All of the work of the site happens in these clinical groups, which provide a rich clinical environment. The significant experience of team members contributes to provision of high quality, comprehensive services.



Financial Arrangements


Direct mental health services to individuals, families, and children are usually covered by the family or individual's health insurance plan.  Very limited reduced rate, short-term services may be available based on eligibility.



Referral Information


If you have questions, wish to make a referral, or would like to learn more about the program, please feel free to contact our intake clinician at 978-921-1190 ext. 309


"Health & Education Services, Inc.  promotes the well-being that builds healthy individuals, families, and  communities through the integration of  quality health, behavioral health,  education, and human services  programs."


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    800 Cummings Center, Suite 266T
    Beverly, MA 01915
    Phone: 978-921-1190
    Fax: 978-927-3724
    Email: jfine@hes-inc.org



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